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Toyota 50th birthday – spam or no?

Modus Operandi: whatsapp message received, specimen as follows:

If you cant read it, it says: On the occasion of her 50th birthday, Toyota announces the start of its give away to win the Yaris model 2018 ,with only 150 cars remaining, quickly you need to participate now ! before the end of the draw via this blue link —>

This will take you to a page on an a non HTTPS URL that looks like this:

The page looks like this:

You got some questions, which closer inspection on the Javascript does not seem to go anywhere but trigger events in the browser. I looked quickly though because soon the page redirects to some other thing about Visa’s for Canada.

Clickity click and eventually you end up here after javascript runs a progress bar which looks to be nothing more than  a series of waits and animates in javascript followed by more waits and animates.

Further down is a list of Facebook people (alleged) who’ve “liked” this thing.

The images are all from imgur image hosting site (not Facebook), and the Like buttons do nothing I can see, just style with a CSS class that turn them all blue and some script that styles them another way once clicked – i might be wrong but i dont care enough to go check again.

Also, look at the names – a pattern kinda shows – capital on the name and all lowercase on the surnames….

Firstly these are all people that look unrealistically “ok” compared to the usual public facebook trolls of all shapes colors and sizes, dont tell me that the last bunch of people that entered this all look like they turned up for a casting call for that teenage show about vampires and shit.

Secondly yes I did click on all of the links and went through all the motions in order to get these screenshots and stuff, and I dont care because this PC is a total internet firewall-slut.

If this is a legit thing, then so be it.  What’s your take on it?

Go expose yourself someplace

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